•Parties keep control over the outcome of their own problem

•Disputes can be settled promptly. A mediation session can be scheduled as soon as both parties agree to use mediation to resolve the dispute

•Mediation promotes better relationships through cooperative problem-solving and improved communication

•Both facts and feelings are considered with the help of an impartial mediator

•Mediation is private and confidential. The mediator and parties must maintain to the full extent required by law, the confidentiality of the information disclosed during mediation

•Mediation is voluntary, and may be terminated at any time by a party or the mediator. Although in court-referred mediation, the parties may be ordered to attend a mediation session, any agreement is entirely voluntary. In the absence of agreement, the parties retain their right to take the dispute before a judge or jury

•Mediation costs may be significantly less than taking a case to court, especially if mediation is chosen prior to filing a lawsuit

Benefits of Mediation:
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